Pulse Healing Workshop

Healing Through Consciousness

Unlock the secrets of Ayurvedic pulse healing in this enlightening 2 days workshop. Delve into the depths of the Nadi, the river of life, and explore how the pulse can become a pathway to healing through conscious awareness.

Workshop Overview: In Ayurvedic Science, the pulse is known as Nadi, symbolizing the river of life and the flow of consciousness. Traditionally used by Ayurvedic Vaidyas to understand the intelligence of the body and mind, pulse assessment goes beyond diagnosis – it’s a tool for healing. Join Dr. Harsh Agarwal, an experienced Ayurvedic Physician, Yoga expert, and Spiritual healer, for five immersive lectures that reveal the profound potential of pulse healing.

Who Can Participate

This workshop welcomes individuals seeking to expand their understanding and practical application of holistic health principles for both prevention and promotion of well-being. It is designed for:

  • Health Industry Professionals: Those in the health sector desiring to integrate a holistic approach to enhance patient benefits.
  • Wellness Practitioners: Healers, therapists, dietitians, beauticians, and spiritual teachers.
  • Yoga Enthusiasts: Yoga teachers and practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge.
  • Holistic Practitioners: Shamans, hypnotists, chiropractors, energy healers, and more.
  • Spa and Hospitality Owners: Hoteliers, spa operators, and wellness industry experts.

Why Choose Us


• Experience-based teaching for transformation, not just theory.
• Education by Ayurveda and Yoga expert with extensive Himalayan learning.
• Join a legacy of Ayurvedic healing, backed by generations of expertise. • Lifetime support, creating a family of like-hearted individuals.
• Scholarships, rewards, and surprises for committed learners.
• Flexible timings tailored to your convenience.
• Certificate of completion for successful participants.

Daily Schedule

Day 1:

Session 1: Exploring the Pulse as Consciousness (75 mins)

  • Understanding Pulse: Nadi, the River of Life
  • The Connection Between Pulse and Consciousness
  • The Pulse’s Role in Balancing Body and Mind


Session 2: Listening to the Pulse (75 mins)

  • Decoding the Language of the Pulse
  • Identifying Balance and Imbalance Through Pulse
  • Pulse Meditation: A Tool for Balance


Session 3: The Pulse-Body Connection (75 mins)

  • Linking the Pulse to Cellular Intelligence
  • Pulse’s Reflection of Body-Mind Harmony
  • Pulse Meditation Practice: Balancing Techniques


Day 2:

Session 4: Pulse Healing Through Meditation (75 mins)

  • Pulse Meditation for Creating Balance
  • Aligning Prana and Consciousness Through Pulse
  • Harnessing Pulse Energy for Holistic Healing


Session 5: Integrating Pulse Healing (75 mins)

  • Practical Application of Pulse Healing
  • Case Studies and Real-life Experiences
  • Embracing the Journey of Pulse Healing


Prerequisites: This course is designed for participants with basic Ayurvedic knowledge, especially of Dosha and Subdosha concepts. If you’re new to Ayurveda, please feel free to  contact us for a brief introduction before joining.

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