Mantrosparsh Workshop

Journey to Himalayan Bliss

Join us for the transformative Mantrosparsh practice rooted in Himalayan wisdom. Unveil the anatomy of kundalini and chakras for holistic well-being.

Join us for a 2-day immersive workshop and retreat, led by Ayurvedacharya Dr. Harsh Agarwal. Dive into ancient practices that bring harmony to body, mind, and spirit, amidst the serene ambience of our wellness center in Rishikesh.

Who Can Participate

This workshop welcomes individuals seeking to expand their understanding and practical application of holistic health principles for both prevention and promotion of well-being. It is designed for:

  • Health Industry Professionals: Those in the health sector desiring to integrate a holistic approach to enhance patient benefits.
  • Wellness Practitioners: Healers, therapists, dietitians, beauticians, and spiritual teachers.
  • Yoga Enthusiasts: Yoga teachers and practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge.
  • Holistic Practitioners: Shamans, hypnotists, chiropractors, energy healers, and more.
  • Spa and Hospitality Owners: Hoteliers, spa operators, and wellness industry experts.


The best part about this workshop


• Explore the profound Mantrosparsh practice, a gift from the Himalayan yogi tradition.
• Understand the scientific aspect of kundalini, chakras, and their impact on holistic health.
• Experience the unexplained peace of spiritual health through practical sessions and transformative teachings.
• Engage in a transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by an expert with over 20 years of experience.
• Discover the science behind Ayurvedic essence for contemporary wellness.

Why Choose Us


• Experience-based teaching for transformation, not just theory.
• Education by Ayurveda and Yoga expert with extensive Himalayan learning.
• Join a legacy of Ayurvedic healing, backed by generations of expertise. • Lifetime support, creating a family of like-hearted individuals.
• Indirect charity through your participation.
• Scholarships, rewards, and surprises for committed learners.
• Flexible timings tailored to your convenience.
• Certificate of completion for successful participants.

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Awakening the Inner Energies

Session 1: Introduction to Mantrosparsh (Morning)

  • Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop
  • Unveiling the Origins and Significance of Mantrosparsh
  • Connecting with the Himalayan Yogi Tradition


Session 2: Anatomy of Kundalini and Chakras (Afternoon)

  • Understanding Kundalini Energy and Its Role in Spiritual Growth
  • Exploring the Chakra System: Centers of Energy and Consciousness
  • Practical Exercises to Sense and Activate Chakras


Session 3: Guided Practice of Mantrosparsh (Evening)

  • Guided Practice Session: Initiating the Mantrosparsh Technique
  • Tuning into Chakras and Energizing Body-Mind Channels
  • Reflection and Sharing Experiences


Day 2: Embarking on the Journey Within

Session 4: Science and Philosophy of Mantrosparsh (Morning)

  • Delving into the Science Behind Mantrosparsh
  • Integrating Philosophy with Practical Application
  • Q&A and Group Discussion


Session 5: The Essence of Ayurvedic Wellness (Afternoon)

  • Understanding Ayurved and Its Role in Modern Health
  • Blending Ayurvedic Wisdom with Contemporary Well-being
  • Nurturing Body-Mind-Spirit Harmony


Session 6: Deepening Your Practice (Evening)

  • Guided Mantrosparsh Practice: Advancing Your Journey
  • Harnessing Kundalini and Chakra Energies for Inner Balance
  • Group Sharing and Insights


Closing Session: Certificates and Reflections

  • Awarding Certificates of Completion
  • Sharing Personal Transformation and Insights
  • Farewell and Continuation of the Journey

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