Understanding Obesity


Obesity is a medical condition that happens when an individual includes body fat and an abundance of weight that may have an effect on their health.

It is a perplexing disease including an extreme quantity of body fat. Obesity isn’t only a restorative concern. It is a medicinal issue that expands your risk of different health problems and diseases, for example, diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer and high blood pressure.

There are numerous reasons why a few people experience issues staying away from obesity. Generally, obesity results from a mix of acquired components joined with the personal diet and the environment and exercise decisions.

Symptoms of obesity

  • increased sweating
  • breathlessness
  • inability to handle sudden physical movement
  • snoring
  • joint and back pains
  • feeling very tired every day
  • feeling isolated
  • low confidence and self-esteem

What causes obesity?

Eating a greater number of calories than you should consume in everyday exercise and activity causes obesity. With time passing, these additional calories include and cause you to put on weight. Causes of obesity include:

  • having an inactive (sedentary) lifestyle
  • having a poor diet of foods high in calories and fats
  • genetics, which can influence how your body converts food into energy as well as how overweight is stored
  • not having enough sleep, which can cause hormonal changes that make you sense hungrier and desire high-calorie foods
  • pregnancy
  • getting older, which can cause a slower metabolic rate and less muscle mass, making it easy to become overweight

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