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Terms & Conditions

We take immense pleasure to welcome you to the AyurSadhna family. Our goal is to bring people from all over the world together to enjoy life in a blissful way, touched with pure consciousness. We at AyurSadhna are a dedicated group of people committed with a pure intention to bring your inner well-being to the fore. We welcome you here to adopt the tools of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and spiritual sadhnas to raise human consciousness in its full potential to create a world full of peace and love.

This place is sacred and one which increases the sensitivity towards life. One can feel these high vibes in this spiritual atmosphere. May God bless you with spiritual health, a state of experiencing bliss, joy, and happiness without any reason.

Please go through some essential rules and regulations to make your stay a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  • To maintain the sanctity of our place, consumption of alcohol, smoking, drugs, and non-veg food items, including fish and eggs, is strictly prohibited.
  • Please note that any amount received for any services is non-refundable and non-transferable after the commencement of services. So it’s highly recommended that you go through all information, rules, and regulation before getting yourself enrolled.
  • To reach the reception desk, please dial 23 from your room phone.
  • We have a laundry service in Rishikesh that your clothes will be sent to upon request. They charge based on the number of items that are sent out. It does require at least one-day minimum to complete, pending the weather.
  • The rooms are cleaned regularly and also upon request to the front desk. Please request if you feel necessary.
  • Please make sure not to leave your valuables unattended. AyurSadhna will not be responsible for unattended valuables (wallet, jewelry, cash, credit cards, mobiles, etc.) under any circumstances.
  • Usually, wifi is accessible in the main areas. However, unintended and intermittent signal drops, etc. in the wifi services could be possible as it’s a remote hilly area, and this can happen due to inclement weather or any other conditions beyond our control.
  • As this place has high spiritual vibrations to connect from your inner self, it is highly recommended to have silence as much as possible. Traditionally, maun (silence) is a very good spiritual practice to get more aware and save energy.
  • Please put your shoes outside of the dining area, yoga hall, and Ayurveda treatment room. However, it is fine to have the shoes in the reception area.
  • Ayurveda consultations, treatments, yoga sessions, etc. are strictly available upon appointment basis and doctors’ and teachers’ availability. Walk-ins could be entertained on availability. To avoid disappointment, we’d highly recommend our guests to obtain a prior appointment.
  • Taxis and transportation can be arranged upon request at the reception.
  • Toilet papers should not be dropped in the toilet as it can clog the pipes & drainage systems, etc.

Rules and regulations for the participants enrolled in any course:

  • An orientation session will be held on the day of the commencement of the course, which will be an introductory session. As we understand, coming from different countries, the food and culture is different, so it will be about how to make yourself comfortable and adjustable in the new environment.
  • The client has to pay the full fee in advance. Paid fee will not be refunded or may be adjusted towards future courses is the sole decision of the management.
  • The venue, accommodations, food, daily schedule, fee structure, etc. can be changed before or between the program is under the sole discretion of management. No argue or refund will be initiated in any circumstances.
  • To receive the certificate, it is essential to join all the sessions. Exceptional cases like illness, etc. must be informed to the management.
  • AyurSadhna is a consecrated place. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited inside the campus. For all the clients, it is important to focus on the instruction. Gossiping and disturbing the session or any kind of misbehavior will lead to terminate from the campus without any refund.
  • Visiting friends/guest during the program is not permissible. If it is really essential, prior permission from the management is required.
  • The problems arising due to climatic change or technical issues like water, power, or any other which is not mentioned here, the management will try its best to correct as soon as possible. But misbehavior, talking loudly, or showing attitude or anger will be termed as a violation of rules and regulations and lead to leave the campus without any refund.
  • During your stay, the management will try its best that you must feel like a family of AyurSadhna. So it is very important that you feel like a family and maintain the sanctity of the campus.

The teaching methodology requires that certain rules and codes are adhered to. This makes for conducive learning and teaching and is in tune with the cultural demands of the location where the program is being conducted. This is also in tune with the yamas (social conduct), niyamas (personal conduct) as clearly outlined in yoga texts as an essential precursor to yoga practices so that their benefits could be obtained.


The essential rules:

  • Every student is required to pay the full fee before the start of the course.
  • Full course attendance is required to be eligible for certification.
  • The course program should be followed with sincerity & discipline. Punctuality is to be adhered to. Late walk-ins to any module or any part of the course will not be allowed.
  • Respect for the teacher and training is paramount in the yoga tradition. Disrespect, misbehavior, or unwarranted talk/argument is not allowed. The teacher’s decision would be final in this regard.
  • No guests or friends are allowed within the premises during the course of the training program, nor are they allowed to live with the student during the month of training.
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol, and non-vegetarian food are strictly prohibited.

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